About Us

DBS Productions is a professional theatre company based in Dundee and working across Scotland. DBS Productions is run by Artistic Director JD Henshaw and consists of a selection of members with a variety of skills and expertise across film, sound, community engagement, production, costume and of course acting.

Formed in 2007, the company has been creating traditional and not so traditional theatre based experiences ever since.  DBS Productions write and produce orginial work across genres including a comedy sketch show about Scottish history, A Brief History Of Scotland – We Done Loads children’s theatre with Dean Friedman’s Smelly Feet and within the genre of horror including our acclaimed production, subsist.

DBS Productions has experience working with a variety of clients and previous work has included commissions for Dundee Botanical Gardens, Arts In Merkinch, Dundee City Council, Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Overgate Dundee and St Johns Centre Perth.

For information about our range of corporate services, please see Commissions

For information about our past work, please see Previous Projects.

For information about our live shows, please see Current Projects.

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