subsist returns with three nights in Fife!

From the 10th – 12th October, audiences will be treated to a return of the critically acclaimed horror, subsist. Performing at The Stables – Centre for Stewarship in Falkland on the 10th, Create at Cloud – 16 New Row Dunfermline on the 11th and The Steeple – High Street Newburgh on the 12th. Show starts at 8pm, doors open 7.40pm to reserve tickets call Annie on 07912 042630

subsist tells the story of four survivors, struggling in a post-apocalyptic world consumed by a plague of the walking dead. It questions if that effort has cost their own humanity? The choices the characters make force the audience towards searching for reason in their own actions and questioning their own reality. subsist turns conventional expectations of horror on their head by removing the expected ‘monsters’ of the genre and leaving the audience with an inescapable and all-too human sense of terror. The very heroes that the audience aspire to are revealed as flawed, even dangerous, people who have gone to the edge of humanity and then continued beyond.

In a twist to the usual final denouement, subsist has four endings, which are decided by secret ballot, with each performer drawing lots to select whose ending will be performed, ultimately sealing the fate of the group. The ballot creates an element of the unknown between not only the audience and the performance, but also between the actors and the performance helping to create an intimate and intense atmosphere that you can cut with a knife.

subsist is part of Fife’s programme for the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. While not directly addressing a particular mental health diagnosis, the play investigates and questions the choices the characters make and their reasoning. It’s fit with this years festival theme of reality means that there is likely to be lively post-show discussions with the writer, director and performers.

And if you don’t believe us about how good it is, check out this review from Edinburgh Festival Fringe

We are sitting in complete darkness. This darkness seems to go on forever. Before the show has even begun, I am getting tingles down my arms. John-David Henshaw’s beautifully written script, telling the story of four survivors struggling to live in a world that ended two years ago, ensures that this sensation continues for the best part of an hour. With characters that balance each other out to the point of perfection, you will find yourself connecting and sympathising with them more than you ever thought possible. The quality acting combined with an intimate venue and stark stage and lighting help contribute to this complete immersion in the modern horror that is unlike anything I have seen before.

Three Weeks
12th August 2011